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Frustrated with trying out different over the counter hair products to tame your frizzy hair? This seemingly never-ending battle to tame our frizzy hair is not uncommon and exhausting, to say the least. To combat that frizzy hair, it’s best to know what may be causing it in the first place.

Frizzy hair can be caused by genetics – natural frizz or it could be caused by the wrong usage of products, excessive use of hot tools on your hair daily without using a proper heat protectant product on your hair.

Be it natural frizz or damaged frizz, Salon Plus’ affordable hair treatment for frizzy hair is guaranteed to give your scalp and hair that well-deserved TLC through effective and affordable hair treatment in Singapore. With an extensive list of hair treatments offered to combat different hair problems, our dedicated team of hairstylists will help make the process easier for you by guiding you through the best hair treatment for frizzy hair in Singapore offered at Salon Plus. After analyzing the condition of your hair, we will be able to determine the best damaged hair treatment in Singapore for you.





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Hair and Scalp Treatment

We usually reward ourselves to spas and facials as a form of self-care but we often neglect the fact that our hair and scalp deserve the same amount of care and attention as well.

With so many salons offering hair and scalp treatment in Singapore, it’s hard to differentiate which ones provide good hair treatments here in Singapore. Salon Plus offers both hair and scalp treatment in Singapore separately to specifically target your hair woes.

Our scalp treatment offered in our salon, Salon Plus Singapore, is suitable for all hair types – dry, oily, sensitive, and even dandruff scalp. Get your scalp cleansed by giving it a proper scrub here at Salon Plus coupled with treatments to help combat hair loss, hair thinning, and scalp issues. We are the best scalp treatment Salon in Singapore that helps to remove dead skin in your scalp and unclog your congested hair pores to boost blood circulation and hydration while providing our hair with the essential nutrients to grow healthily. Salon Plus uses Premium Shiseido Sublimic – raved by hundreds of professional hairstylists around the world, due to its effective results and aftercare effects like prevention of hair loss.

Keratin Hair Treatment

Did you know that the secret to smooth, shiny hair sits at the end of a keratin treatment? This de-frizzing process is effective but often costly. Here at Salon Plus, we offer the most affordable and best keratin treatment in Singapore.

The best Keratin treatment in Singapore offered at Salon Plus, works by diving deep into the hair follicle and injecting the porous areas of our hair with keratin – which is an essential hair protein. This treatment will result in healthy and lustrous hair. Keratin results in a 25% probability of straightening or semi straightening effect on your hair. Here at Salon Plus, we use S4 – which is a type of keratin with a 40% straightening effect.

K-Gloss Treatment

Want that smooth, sleek, and glossy hair? K-Gloss is a new hybrid treatment that helps to smoothen and strengthen your hair by eliminating frizz. Featured in magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan, it is trusted by more than 15,000 salons worldwide. Forget about tangled and brittle tresses, K-Gloss helps to restore that shine from your lacklustre hair by using K-Gloss Pink Bond to reconstruct and strengthen your hair. This damaged hair treatment also has a 25% straightening effect to help smoothen your hair and has an anti-frizzing effect that lasts up to 4 months.

Aqua Head Spa

Both nourishing and relaxing, this hair spa treatment in Singapore comes from Korea uses aqua treatment to help adjust our hair’s PH balance and increase the moisture levels. Frizzy hair is usually the result of dry hair – pamper and delight yourself to a therapeutic and well-deserved hair care treatment with relaxing head massages coupled with their in-house enriching shampoos and treatments, this is the best pick-me-up after a long and tiring week.

Salon Plus’ hair treatment boasts an impressive track record of restoring smoothness and shine to dull, dry, or over-coloured hair. Need that miracle hair life-saver to solve your frizzy and split-end woes? The Shiseido Sublimic product range is formulated through Shiseido’s groundbreaking and cutting-edge technologies – designed to target and care for Asian hair that has been badly damaged by pollution and other causes.

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