(A) Colour Combo (Above shoulder length):
Cut + Colour + SP treatment – $180

(B) K-Gloss/ Keratin Combo (Above shoulder length):
Cut + K-Gloss + SP treatment – $200

(C) Rebond Combo (Above shoulder length):
Cut + Rebond + SP treatment – $200

(D) Digital Perm Combo (Above shoulder length):
Cut + Perm + SP treatment – $250

(E) Anti-Frizz Combo (Above shoulder length):
Cut + Anti-Frizz Protein Keratin treatment – $250

(F) Hair BOTOX laminate treatment – $300 (Above shoulder length)

Combo lengths charge:
Below shoulder length – $30
Bra line & below – $60

Combo add on items for length above shoulder:
C curl/Partial perm – $100
Bleaching – $100
K gloss (Keratin) – $100
Partial Rebond – $50
Highlight – $50
Aqua Head Spa – $50
Toning colour – $50
BOTOX PPT Hair treatment – $50

*$10 Surcharge for hair length below shoulder
*$20 Surcharge for hair length below bra-line
*Pricing is only for one-step colouring, surcharge for 24K Gold Argan oil (Non-Ammonia Colour): $30/$50/$70

Olivetta Anti-Frizz Protein Treatment

Hair BOTOX Laminate Treatment

Aqua Head Spa — $130

Using 3 New Era Technologies – Soft water, negative ion water, pulse water

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30% for ala carte service items.

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