Creative Combos

(A) Colour Combo (Above shoulder length):
Cut + Colour + SP treatment – $180

(B) K-Gloss/ Keratin Combo (Above shoulder length):
Cut + K-Gloss + SP treatment – $200

(C) Rebond Combo (Above shoulder length):
Cut + Rebond + SP treatment – $200

(D) Digital Perm Combo (Above shoulder length):
Cut + Perm + SP treatment – $250

(E) Anti-Frizz Combo (Above shoulder length):
Cut + Anti-Frizz Protein Keratin treatment – $250


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Our Measures To Protect Our Customers Against COVID-19

-All staff have been fully vaccinated
-Mandatory temperature screening for all staff and customers daily
-Daily cleaning and disinfection of premises and facilities
-Masks to be worn by all staff at all times
-Safe distancing between each station

Since 2002

Founded by Dave and Audrey, known for their passion and homey feel that they bring into Salon Plus, was founded 18 years ago as a home-based salon. Salon Plus was formerly known as DA Hair Dressing — no points right there for guessing that the origin of it; is, in fact, the initials of the loving couple.

Dave started his career from a studio known for styling local artists. He took pride in transforming heads of mediocre tresses into stunning head-turning hairstyles on the red carpet. Despite these achievements, he still felt that something was amiss. He decided to start his own home-based salon in his apartment with his wife, Audrey. Hoping that his humble salon will provide him with more opportunities to bond with the customers — creating this familial vibe, allowing them to feel more at ease and comfort in his salon.

With the vision of providing top-notch hairstyling services with a homey feeling in their minds, Dave and Audrey offered celebrity-standard hairstyling services to everyone for a fraction of the price. The price point, coupled with their enthusiasm and passion attracted everyone. Their business skyrocketed and they decided to expand their business to cater to the increasing demand for their services.

There is a certain charm about Far East Plaza – stepping into it brings about a certain nostalgic feeling, the indie shops and the plethora of budget-friendly food options offered in Far East Plaza is unparalleled to none. Located in a prime location within Orchard Road coupled with the fact that this mall is filled with unexpected treasures, this cemented Dave and Audrey’s decision to relocate their home salon to a brick-and-mortar hair styling salon in Orchard Road Singapore.

Stop by for a haircut, chop off your tresses, and feel like a whole new person with Salon Plus.
With their team of dedicated and talented hairstylists, Salon Plus strives to provide the quality cut that all their customers deserve. Psst – students will receive a 20% discount by simply flashing their student pass. With different price ranges to cater to different groups, drop by and look for a hairdresser here at Orchard and you will find yourself at Salon Plus, the most affordable salons in Orchard.


Cutting hair is both a science and an art. At Salon Plus’, we’ve mastered both.



Whether you’d like to colour yourself cool as a cucumber or be a red hot chilli pepper, pick your perfect shade from our beautiful selection of colours, only from Shiseido.



At Salon Plus, perms are always made perfect.



A major night out should be a breeze. If you get your hair done with us, that is.



Treat yo’self. With our treatment from Shiseido, we promise smooth, supple, and shiny hair.



The best rebonding treatment in Singapore that will cater to each and every one of your requests.



Enjoy all the benefits with just one treatment for healthier and more amazing looking hair.



Salon Plus is awesome, patient and creative. Thanks for the good hair cut.


Best hair salon in town. Love the services by Dave and Audrey. Would recommend anyone to dye or snip their hair because they will be in good hands!


Hair color done by Salon Plus! Patient, and friendly salon.


The whole family gets our cuts and treatments here. We love Salon Plus.


Want to transform yourself dramatically, or achieve those highlights you’ve been dreaming about ever since you’ve seen them on a certain celebrity? Salon Plus got your back – with an extensive colour palette and trendiest colour treatments by Shiseido, you’d walk out of Salon Plus feeling like a model off duty.

Take it to the next level with a perm – smooth, frizz-free, and guaranteed to suit your face shape.
Offering a wide range of perms from Cold Waves to Digital Perms, these natural-looking and long-lasting perms promise volume and minimal upkeep for months, Salon Plus is the best hair styling salon in Singapore that one-stop by to fulfill your perming needs. It’s one of the best place for them who are looking for most affordable Salon in Singapore.

After a tough week we deserve a little treat, how about a mini spa day for your hair and scalp? Pamper yourself with a hair wash, if you have an important event to head to, Salon Plus also offers premium styling after a good hair wash – talk about the best of both worlds.

Tame your frizz, give your scalp that well-deserved TLC with affordable and effective treatments. Salon Plus’ hair treatment uses non-damaging chemicals and is known to revive our dull, dry, or over-coloured mane and restore it to its former glory – shiny, smooth, and glossy.

Since 2002, Dave and Audrey created and achieved that warm and homey environment in the salon as they had envisioned. In 2012, they were awarded as Singapore’s Most Promising SME 500. With top-notch services as one of their main priorities, be treated to complimentary tea and water while their experienced team of hairstylists work on your hair.