At Dave and Audrey, perms are always made perfect.

Tired of your straight and flat hair? Thinking about getting those voluminous curls and waves done? Salon Plus offers a slew of perms that will give you that framed, natural-looking and, long-lasting curls that promise volume and minimal upkeep for months to come. Turn your boring, straight, limp hair into dramatic long luscious curls with the best digital perm and best hair perm in Singapore with us here at Salon Plus.

Riding on the Korean wave that has swept through many countries, many salons offer Korean digital perm in Singapore as the demand to look like their favourite Korean celebrities have recently skyrocketed over the past few years. With Korea being one of the leading trends for hairstyles and fashion, here at Salon Plus, we offer Korean hair perm in Singapore to help you achieve the same hairstyle as your favourite artist with the help of Shiseido’s perming agents. Shiseido’s products are known to protect and provide effective after-care for your permed hair. Leaving you with luscious and moisture-enriched tresses instead of dry and damaged curls.

With a plethora of salons in Singapore offering Korean digital perms, we differentiate ourselves from the others by offering a wider range of perms that perfectly caters to our customers’ different requests on how they expect their perms to look like.
















-PPT (Strengthening) $100


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Our Perms

Digital perm – otherwise known as a hot perm, where your hair is permanently curled using a combination of heat and chemical restructuring. Our trained and experienced stylists will section your hair and a chemical will be applied onto your hair to break the structure down. Each section will then be curled on a rod and to be set for different lengths of time (depending on the type of curls you desire). After this process, the rods will be removed and an agent is then applied to set the curls permanently.

Under the hands of our professional stylists, a digital perm in Singapore will produce soft and large curls that will be more defined when your hair is dry. The entire process for a digital perm will take about 3 to 4 hours – depending on the length of your hair. This Korean hair perm is best suited for Asian hair and produces large curls which will help you achieve that natural, voluminous hairstyle.

There are different kinds of digital perms – Digital Perm C Curl, Digital Perm S Curl, Japanese wave, Korean wave to name a few. The difference between these perms is how the curls will turn out after the process. To understand which perm will suit your face shape best, our friendly and experienced hairstylist will be there to provide you with a personalised opinion after discussing and understanding the look you have envisioned.

Cold wave – is a process where dry hair is sectioned and each section is curled around a rod. A cold wave solution will then be poured over each section, this solution will break down the bonds in our hair while it is wrapped around the perm rod. After a couple of minutes, a neutralizer will be applied to reform the bonds and set the curls.

Cold wave perms produce medium curls compared to the large curls digital perms produce. These curls are most defined when they are wet and to achieve the best curls, we usually recommend our consumers to use hair products to maintain the curls.

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